About us

Welcome to the heart of Tuscany, a land steeped in centuries-old winemaking tradition and home of the celebrated Chianti Classico.

We are proud to introduce Casa Sola winery, a place where the art of winemaking merges with the beauty of the Tuscan countryside to craft wines of extraordinary quality and character. What we produce at Casa Sola is more than just wine; it’s a celebration of cultural heritage and a deep love for the land.

Our estate is nestled in an iconic area of Tuscany, where lush green hills, towering cypress trees, and enchanting medieval villages converge to create a breathtaking landscape. Here, amidst sun-kissed vineyards and a soil rich in history, we cultivate our grapes that represent the heart and soul of Casa Sola.

We are committed to preserving the traditions of Chianti Classico while also exploring new directions by interpreting native and international grape varieties in our own unique way. Every step, from tending the vines to careful grape selection, from fermentation to aging in wooden barrels, is carried out with utmost dedication and passion. Our range of elegant, balanced, and personality-rich wines fully embodies the authentic essence of Tuscany.

We are delighted to share with you the fruits of our labor and the magic of this extraordinary place. Each sip of our wines will take you on a sensory journey, narrating stories of tradition, terroir, and a love for wine.

Welcome to Casa Sola, where our wines come to life.
Thank you for being here with us and sharing our passion for wine.

The Story

Casa Sola has a deep-rooted connection to agriculture, as evidenced by ancient and precious photos found in our company archives. The earliest traces of agricultural tradition date back to the Etruscan era, centuries before Christ.

The oldest structural part of Casa Sola (still visible today) dates back to the 1500s. At that time, Casa Sola served as a military outpost used by the Florentine militia to defend their borders during the long-standing war between Florence and Siena. The inscription “Popolo di Casasola” also appears on a 1560 map of the “Capitani di Parte Guelfa,” kept in the Podesteria of Barberino Val di Pesa, confirming its ancient presence.

In the 1600s, the estate was part of a well-organized and self-sustaining agricultural community, producing not only grapes and olives but also wheat and vegetables for the surrounding communities.

In 1958, the estate was acquired by the Count Gambaro family, who had found in Casa Sola an ideal vacation and relaxation spot. However, Casa Sola never lost its agricultural vocation, and soon, the family’s love for this place and its products increasingly engaged them in active agricultural management. They transferred their passion and respect for this marvelous land into the wine and oil produced here.

Under the guidance of Giuseppe Gambaro, the company saw its greatest period of development and growth Giuseppe took an active role in company management, working full-time and bringing his managerial experience, curiosity, and passion for all the good things, especially good wine.

He dedicated himself to studying viticulture and oenology, learning from the fantastic wines of Burgundy and adopting new techniques and methodologies. Furthermore, he initiated a valuable process of vineyard renewal, machinery upgrades, and facilities.

Using his experience in the real estate field, he undertook the renovation of the company’s farmhouses, offering wine and Chianti region enthusiasts the opportunity to fully experience not only the quality of the wine but also the beauty of the place.

500 BC: Establishment of the Etruscan community
1500 AD: Construction of the first part of the current structure used as a watchtower
1500-1600: Casa Sola becomes the center of a Rural and Agricultural Community
1960: Acquisition by the Gambaro family
1965: Planting of new vineyards
1968: First Bottling
1985: Construction of the new winery
1988: Planting of new vineyards with new guidelines for the Chianti Classico project in 2000 and the first experimental plantings of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot
1990: Renovation of the real estate parts (hospitality and wine tourism)
2000: Winery renovation and new equipment
2005-2022: Replanting of vineyards and olive groves

The Family

At Casa Sola, it’s the people with their enthusiasm, passion, and professionalism who have achieved significant company milestones.

Our team believes in and brings transparency to the project and objectives born from Giovanni Gambaro’s intuition, continued with Giuseppe’s vision, and now continuing with the plans of his grandson, Matteo.

Casa Sola’s growth is a testament to the energy and dedication of those who care for it every day.

Matteo Gambaro

Wine has always been a part of my family’s daily life. However, during my childhood years in Genoa, our focus on wine was primarily directed towards French wines, particularly those from the Burgundy region.

I experienced Casa Sola joyfully since childhood; it was the place of vacations, freedom, open air, and family. t’s where I experienced my first harvests and began to explore and develop a passion for the world of wine. I attended the University of Agriculture, specializing in both Agriculture and Oenology. During these years, my dad allowed me to use Casa Sola as a kind of practice field, a workbook where I could apply and experiment with what I was studying.

After completing my studies, some of my dad’s friends suggested that I deepen my knowledge of economics and marketing. his led me to engage in a two-year Master of Business Administration program, which added a strategic and managerial perspective to my technical university education.

For a few years, I worked in a French multinational in the retail sector, initially in a department store, then in headquarters office: first as a buyer, and later as a category manager, overseeing international projects as well.

Despite a successful career, the call of the Black Rooster and Casa Sola became irresistible in 2002, and I decided to fully commit to managing the company. In other words, I embraced the role of a full-time winemaker, a profession I love! I enjoy working closely with nature and consistently applying my eco-conscious and socially responsible vision in my daily actions.

Those who know my passion and respect for good wine are aware of my limitation when it comes to tasting a glass:
“I can taste a wine without drinking it, but I can’t drink a wine without tasting it.”

The Estate

Located in the municipality of Barberino Tavarnelle, about 30 km from Florence and 28 km from Siena, Casa Sola sprawls across a total area of 80 hectares, including 20 hectares of vineyards and 8 hectares of olive groves . The remaining land consists of fields and forests, contributing to a serene and verdant landscape.

Our estate is situated in the subzone of San Donato in Poggio, in the western part of Chianti Classico, at an average altitude of 330 meters above sea level and a predominant south-western exposure.

The proximity to the Tyrrhenian Sea and its openness to the Mediterranean influence Casa Sola’s climate, with breezes that help stabilize temperatures and slightly prolong the ripening period.

Winters are milder and tend to bring forward the flowering of the vines, but since the summers are less hot, maturation and harvesting are not necessarily advanced, usually taking place towards the end of September or in the first two weeks of October.

The annual temperature, rarely dropping below freezing, varies from -0°C to 31°C, with approximately 850 mm of precipitation concentrated mainly in the autumn and spring, especially in the months of April and November. At Casa Sola, the soil varies significantly, predominantly featuring Galestro, but also areas with clayey and fertile components alternating with more rocky terrain. The natural vegetation, including cypresses, junipers, heath trees, and brooms, reflects the typical landscape of the Mediterranean maquis and distinctively characterizes this area.

At the heart of the property is the main company headquarters, with the main villa, offices, and tasting rooms open to all enthusiasts eager to explore the world of wine and olive oil produced by Casa Sola.

Adjacent to these buildings are the fermentation and aging cellars, the heart of our company, where passion, experience, tradition, and innovation blend in the pursuit of the full potential of our grapes.

All around, there is a region of great beauty and energy, marked by enchanting views and breathtaking landscapes that allow our guests to immerse themselves fully in the relaxation, life, and culture of the Chianti region.

Our Mission

At Casa Sola, our mission as a family-run company is to offer high-quality artisanal wines that represent the elegance and distinctive flavor of the Chianti Classico territory in every vintage.

We take care of our land, striving to preserve its beauty, integrity, and character.
With a special focus on Sangiovese, we are committed to using sustainable practices in grape cultivation and a responsible approach in winemaking.

We love sharing information about our territory and products, aiming to evoke and inspire people to consume responsibly as an integral part of a balanced lifestyle.